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Where Are You From? | A great resource for teams and bigger projects
Ideal for larger projects, hiring teams, and it is gorgeous!
• Great for long-term clients and contractors
• Dead simple and easy to use interface
• Workview is great for team collaboration
•One of the largest marketplaces for remote talent
•Fantastic support
•Simple and automated billing

• Less popular amongst individual freelancers
• Contractors are selective about submitting proposals | A great resource for skilled individual freelancers
Great for finding star individuals programmers, writers, virtual assistants, and marketers
• Largest number of contractors
• Contractors are tested and verified
• Simple and automated billing
• Great time tracking
• Employers also have ratings
• No membership fees
• Tons of proposals

• Slightly expensive service fee for contractors, 10%
• Less popular amongst teams | When you really need a great developer
Ideal for larger projects that need a dedicated contractor
• Handpicked, vetted, and proven talent pool of developers
• No-risk two week trial
• Initial consultation for best placement
• Developers can work in-house
• Few options for smaller budgets (less than $1000) | An army of freelancers for smaller projects
Ideal for projects $1000 and under
• Great for finding individual freelancers
• Easier to win smaller jobs
• Beautiful interface
• Low service fees

• Monitoring contractor's work is tricky
• Smaller talent pool
• Membership required to avoid posting fees | A simple way to outsource
Learn what’s so great about
• Project fee depends on level of membership
• Communication option makes project management easier
• More US Based contractors

• Monthly membership charges
• Smaller talent pool | Ideal for smaller projects
Ideal for small projects that must get done quickly
• No registration fee for freelancers and employers
• Commissions 10% and less
• Focus on freelancers

• Smaller talent pool
• Less vetting and testing of potential contractors
Our Blog

Outsourcing is a powerful innovation of today’s world of business, and when done properly, it can be incredibly helpful to both small businesses and Fortune 500 companies. Hiring virtual employees does have its share of challenges though. This article will help you learn how to hire the right virtual contractor so that you stay within budget, save time, and get the work done.

Step 1: Create an engaging company profile

Setup a company profile on any of the major outsourcing sites like, or

Add your business info, be specific about the work your company does, and don’t be afraid to make your business idea sound exciting.

Include testimonials of past and current members of your team. Some outsourcing sites don’t show the hiring company’s feedback, but the best …

Managing a virtual team has become a popular practice for many businesses. It provides a variety of advantages including lower costs, flexible capacity, and access to worldwide talent. This article focuses on managing remote contractor from sites like oDesk, Elance, and First, we’ll offer some guidelines before suggesting the best tools for managing your remote team.

Set clear expectations

This sounds easy, but if you’re in a rush, this can often be overlooked. Your outsourcers should know exactly what needs to be done for each milestone. Use project management software (recommended below) so that your team has a written record to refer to when you’re not around.

Hold your team accountable

Set strict deadlines and hold contractors accountable.

For example, if you schedule a meeting at 1:00pm and …